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Member contribution to EU recovery plan

With the European Union setting out ambitious plans in 2020 to secure economic resilience by the year 2027, new research shows GIIA members are leading the way with €335 billion invested in sustainable infrastructure across the EU.

In 2020, as the continent emerged from lockdown, the European Union set out its NextGenerationEU plan, a comprehensive response to support the EU’s economic Recovery. 

The initiative sees just over €800bn devoted to securing a just transition to net zero carbon emissions, research and innovation and economic resilience throughout the bloc in the years to 2027.  

As part of the programme, more than €6bn has been dedicated to InvestEU - a combination of direct funding, advice and project matchmaking - aimed at crowding in private investment in sustainable infrastructure. 

GIIA members are supporting the response through existing and newly acquired assets totalling over €335 billion across 23 EU countries, providing: 

  • 29,481 megawatts of power from sustainable wind, solar, hydro, energy from waste and biomass sources
  • 179,000 telecommunication towers and masts
  • 2,462km of rail track and 18,000 carriages of rolling stock
  • 41 airports and 51 sea and inland ports and terminals
  • Utilities to 100 million customers 

Download our full EU infographic (at the top right of this page) for a full country-by-country breakdown. 

Overview of membership assets across the EU by value and output