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Modern infrastructure keeps cities moving, lights on, homes warm, children educated, populations healthy and rural communities connected. It's crucial to the quality of life as well as to successful economic development.

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Benefits of Private Investment

Private-sector specialists bring skills and experience at running infrastructure which often delivers more efficient performance, ultimately benefiting the users and the public.

The involvement of private financing also averts excessive pressure on government balance sheets, allowing more infrastructure to be built and modernised without overstretching public finances.

Infrastructure investment leads to the development, maintenance and provision of essential services. It plays a key role in generating economic growth and building prosperous societies, helping governments support the needs of a rapidly changing world

It creates jobs and develops skills across all levels of the workforce and it can catalyse economic growth through supply chains. In the UK, for example, every 90p in £1 spent on construction projects, stays in the local economy.

The infrastructure sector is attractive to investors looking for long-term investments with a reliable return profile. It can provide a steady income stream lasting years into the future, perhaps through rail fares or through utility bills. Millions of people around the world also directly benefit from this kind of investment through their pension pots.


GIIA offers a range of membership categories for both large and small investors, LPS, corporate investors and for those companies who advise the sector.

Pension Contributions to Infrastructure