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Q&A: How long-term consensus drives investment

Our Chief Executive Jon Phillips joins the Global Infrastructure Hub for a Q&A on the importance of partnerships between the public and private sectors within the G20 countries representing two thirds of the world’s population

In his interview, Jon sets out why G20 countries need greater engagement between policymakers, regulators and investors, to work out together how to future-proof our energy, utility, digital and transport networks. Estimates of the yearly investment in infrastructure needed to deliver resilience to climate change and achieve net zero run into the trillions.

"Politicians must recognise that investors work to timeframes which far exceed regular political cycles,” explains Jon. “They should strive to reach cross-party consensus around the need for policy certainty, fair regulatory frameworks, and ambitious investment incentives that bridge across elections and create the long-term policy stability to attract investors".

Jon highlights the successful history of public-private collaboration in Australia, Canada and the UK, and investors’ hopes that US states will begin to embrace partnership opportunities to take advantage of the federal government’s huge incentive packages. 

Our recently published 2023 Global Infrastructure Index reveals the desire of citizens around the world for efficient infrastructure, and underscores the importance of public-private collaboration in addressing complex investment issues.

As Jon adds: "By far the best route to closing the funding gap between what citizens want and countries can afford is through effective partnerships with the private sector".

The full interview can be read here.