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GIIA heads to Paris for the launch of the OECD Blue Dot Network

Our Chief Executive Jon Phillips was joined by Head of Policy and Public Affairs Harvey Chandler in Paris for launch of the initiative that aims to help mobilise private sector infrastructure investment 

GIIA had the privilege of attending the much-anticipated launch of the OECD's Blue Dot Network (BDN) in Paris this April. 

The initiative represents a significant step forward for infrastructure development in OECD and non-OECD markets, offering a new certification benchmark in sustainability that gives investors greater transparency over certified projects, having the positive effect of increasing their investability.

The OECD's BDN’s certification scheme has been developed as part of ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of infrastructure projects globally. The initiative was created to unlock additional private sector financing, recognising that quality infrastructure is a critical driver of sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

It seeks to certify infrastructure projects that meet high standards for financial transparency, economic, environmental, and social sustainability, as well as climate resilience, and inclusiveness, acting in effect as a "seal of approval" to signal to investors, governments, and other stakeholders that a project meets some of the best practices in infrastructure development.

The certification process is rigorous, involving a thorough assessment of project planning, execution, and long-term viability. Criteria include the sustainability of materials,  efficiency of construction processes, and inclusiveness of stakeholder engagement strategies.

For investors, BDN certification presents several opportunities and considerations, including risk mitigation where certified projects are less likely to face opposition or challenges related to environmental concerns. BDN certified projects may also attract financial incentives due to the sustainability criteria.

As we continue to engage with our members on this positive development, we look forward to seeing how the initiative progresses and hearing feedback from investors. By continuing to foster dialogue between investors, policymakers, and industry stakeholders on these issues, we can collectively enhance the quality and impact of infrastructure investments worldwide.

Find more about the Blue Dot Network here.

If you're interested in engaging in work related to environmental, social and governance issues and wider resilience of infrastructure, please contact our ESG lead Vlad at