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2021 Global Asset Database launched

Today sees the launch of the 2021 GIIA Global Asset Database which showcases the scale and breadth of GIIA member investments in infrastructure assets around the World.

Produced in partnership with EY, the Global Asset Database shows:

  • Over US$940bn in infrastructure assets under management
  • In excess of 1700 infrastructure assets spread across 66 countries on 6 continents
  • Utilities assets serving almost 90 million customers around the World
  • More than 3 million kilometres of fibre infrastructure connecting homes and businesses
  • 130,000MW of renewable energy production
  • 120,000km of road and rail infrastructure

Speaking on the release of the Global Asset Database, GIIA CEO Lawrence Slade said:

"The scale of GIIA members' assets under management is enormous. But it's the value these assets bring to our communities and economies that is truly mind-blowing. With nearly a trillion dollars of assets hard at work serving communities on six continents, GIIA members have shaped the way billions of people around the World communicate, travel, light and heat their homes, access water and manage data."

Click here to view the 2021 Global Asset Database

GIIA is grateful to EY for their ongoing support in this project, and to all those members who participated.