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DEFRA - Strategic Priorities for Ofwat | GIIA submission

GIIA has highlighted the positive outcomes achieved for both consumers and wider society through increased private investment in the UK water sector, in response to DEFRA's recent 'Strategic Priorities for Ofwat'. This includes;

▪ Since privatisation, £150bn has been invested in the water sector in England and Wales.

▪ Ofwat estimates annual average water bills are £110 lower than they would have been if companies had remained in the public sector.

▪ International comparisons of prices for water utility services in 2015 show that the UK has lower water charges than Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Australia and the Netherlands and similar costs to France.

▪ Annual productivity growth for the water and sewerage sector has averaged 2.1% since privatisation, with a total improvement of 64% since privatisation.

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