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Why the infrastructure industry should create more opportunities for women

This International Women’s Day, it’s time for the industry to inspire inclusion, by creating more opportunities for women and for social mobility

Infrastructure is at the bottom of the table when it comes to percentage of women in the workforce, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report. And a survey by global search agency One Search of the top 100 infrastructure funds in Europe shows that only 50% of respondents consider the sector attractive to women. So it’s clear that the need to ‘Inspire Inclusion’ - the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day - is as vital in 2024 as it’s ever been.

To discuss how companies and individuals in the infrastructure industry can achieve change, GIIA ‘s membership officer Sophia Taylor gets together with Alexia Savva, responsible investment manager at Infracapital and representative of the Infrastructure Industry Foundation (IIF) – the cross-sector charity founded by UK-based investors - to discuss 2024’s theme of ‘Inspire Inclusion’ and how the industry can work with the IIF to make a difference in our sector.

IIF’s social mobility initiative brings together companies and individuals across the sector to make a lasting impact in the communities in which they operate; from mentoring or delivering masterclasses, to hosting paid interns or giving inspirational talks. With its work focused on creating career opportunities for school-age students, the IIF is helping to debunk myths that exist around careers in infrastructure for women and girls, and building awareness and understanding of the opportunities available.

As Alexia herself explains, infrastructure wasn’t a sector she ever saw herself working in, but now finds herself motivated by a purpose-driven career in a sector she describes as the ‘backbone of society’. With help from others, many more could follow in the footsteps of women who have entered the world of infrastructure investment.   

Watch Sophia and Alexia’s conversation to learn more about how you or your business can get involved in the IIF’s social mobility initiative, how infrastructure investment can become a more inclusive community attracting a wider pool of talent, and to hear advice for young women considering a career in the industry.