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Member contribution to 'Building Australia' & NZ 'Secure Future' agendas

New research shows GIIA members supporting infrastructure investment across Australasia to the tune of AU$121bn

The Australian Government has committed to providing more than AU$15bn for infrastructure projects over the coming decade as part of its wider AU$110bn 'Building Australia' investment agenda.   

In its Budget for this year, the current administration has dedicated more than AU$5bn to specific road, rail and terminal projects alongside AU$1.2bn for its Digital Economy Strategy.    

The commitments come as we continue to step-up engagement with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) regarding fair returns of investors. 

In New Zealand, policymakers have put more than NZ$60bn behind infrastructure investment over the next five years, with a focus on light rail, water projects and rolling stock.

The Government's Budget for this year pledges NZ$1.3bn for health infrastructure, and the same sum for measures aimed at decarbonising the nation's transport networks.  

Our new study shows the GIIA community already making a considerable contribution to the 'Building Australia' and 'Secure Future' agendas, with $121bn of infrastructure assets under management across both nations, collectively providing: 

  • 4,100 megawatts of renewable wind, solar and EfW power
  • 33,000km of fibre broadband cables
  • 16,000km of road and rail track
  • 19 airports and 29 ports and terminals
  • 17,000 telecommunication masts and towers
Snapshot of GIIA Australasia assets