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The role of hydrogen in achieving net zero

This webinar will discuss the potential role of hydrogen in helping economies achieve the objective of net zero emissions by 2050. Join our expert panel, comprised of Filippo Gaddo, Director Energy Economics and Regulation, Arup, Jaroslava Korpanec, Investment Director, Allianz and Chris Train, Gas Goes Green, who will be examining the following topics:

  • What are the differences between blue and green hydrogen and the economics of production?
  • Issues around the utilisation of technologies such as CCS in hydrogen production
  • Examining the technicalities and feasibilities of converting Europe’s gas grid, the risk of stranded assets and the scale of investment required
  • The role of the EU Hydrogen Strategy 2020 and what needs to happen with policy and regulation to attract private infrastructure investment?
  • What will Europe’s energy infrastructure look like in 2050 and how should utilities and private infrastructure investors plan their investment strategies over the coming decades?

There will be also be an opportunity for Q&A following the discussion.