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NGA Infrastructure Summit

Infrastructure Stakeholder Summit — Financing For The Future:

Infrastructure policy and financing experts from across the United States and around the World will join the National Governors Association for the fourth and final Stakeholder Summit in support of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s 2019-2020 NGA Chair’s Initiative. This summit will focus on leveraging private sector investments, and how governors can help ensure that their states have access to the full range of infrastructure financing options. The summit will feature an engaging panel discussion with governors and other subject matter experts.

GIIA CEO Lawrence Slade will also join the panel. 

Panels include:

  • Financing America’s Infrastructure Future—While state budget outlooks and project pipelines have been dramatically reshaped by the coronavirus pandemic, infrastructure investment will play a key role in accelerating the nation’s economic recovery. This panel will discuss how states can leverage private investment, balance project risks to maximize returns to the public, and explore innovative incentive programs, including Opportunity Zones, to further attract private sector engagement across all types of infrastructure.
  • Public Private Partnerships: Keys to Success—Not all infrastructure projects are the same, and public-private partnerships (P3s) must be tailored accordingly to best meet the needs of each sector. This session will explore various examples of innovative and successful P3s in the transportation, water, broadband, and energy sectors, and discuss how governors can position their states to leverage private sector partners across all modes and asset types.

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