Global Risks for Infrastructure – The Technology Challenge

GIIA, in partnership with Marsh & McLennan, is today pleased to launch the latest in a series of reports looking at global risks for infrastructure.

Global Risks for Infrastructure – The Technology Challenge examines the impacts that rapid technological advancement are having on infrastructure assets around the World and what it will mean for the sector in years to come.

Speaking on the launch of the Report, CEO Lawrence Slade said:

“The rapid pace of technological advancement around the world can be seen as something of a mixed blessing for the infrastructure sector. While it has unquestionably created new opportunities – and indeed in some cases entirely new markets – owners and operators of infrastructure assets have also been faced with new competition, changing demand patterns, evolving regulation and an increased exposure to cyber-risk.”

“In facing these challenges, infrastructure investors and asset operators must focus on building technological agility by developing new core skills within their teams and adapting and optimizing existing assets all while scanning the horizon for new technological advancements.”

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GIIA and Marsh & McLennan launch Global Risks for Infrastructure Map

Against a backdrop of continued macroeconomic uncertainty, societal instability, weaponized cyber capabilities, acute environmental threats and geopolitical frictions, infrastructure investors will need to be adaptable to ensure the longevity and security of their assets.

View the Global Risks for Infrastructure Map 

The 2020 Global Risks for Infrastructure Map, produced by Marsh & McLennan Advantage Insights in partnership with GIIA, provides some guidance for investors looking to navigate the choppy waters ahead. The Map provides investors with a view of the key risks and includes a curation of case studies evaluating ways in which these risks have affected infrastructure assets in recent years.

In the coming months, Marsh & McLennan Advantage Insights and GIIA will also release in-depth reports on two crucial global risks facing the infrastructure sector: climate change, and the emergence of transformative technologies.

The first, Global Risks for Infrastructure: The Climate Challenge takes a closer look at the impact of climate-induced physical and transition risks on the infrastructure sector, and will outline viable mitigation solutions and strategic opportunities for investors.

While the second report, Global Risks for Infrastructure: Transformative Technologies, provides a focused overview of the ways in which transformative technologies are changing the infrastructure sector, and provide frameworks that investors can consider for future-proofing their assets.

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