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Episode 22: The future of the bipartisan infrastructure bills

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EP 22

In this episode, hosts Simon Montague, Director of Corporate Affairs, and David Quam, Senior US Advisor to GIIA, provide insights from Washington DC during Infrastructure Week and discuss the significance of its role in advocating for increased investment in American infrastructure.

They also delve into highlights of the recently launched report by the American Society of Civil Engineers, which emphasises the importance of forward-looking policies and public-private collaboration, to enable the US to remain as the top destination for global infrastructure investment.

The episode also features an interview with Giancarlo Peressutti from IFM Investors, who reflects on the tangible progress made during this year’s Infrastructure Week, as well as Sia Kusha from Plenary Americas, discussing the effectiveness of the bipartisan infrastructure bills and the crucial decisions Congress faces as they approach expiration.

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