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UK National Infrastructure Commission sets out planning asks

GIIA welcomes proposals aimed at streamlining approvals for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has delivered new proposals aimed at improving the consent process for critical infrastructure projects deemed to be of national significance (NSIPs) and the National Policy Statements (NPS) which govern them.

Its 'Delivering net zero, climate resilience and growth' report highlights how reform of planning frameworks and National Policy Statements can help spur inward investment. 

The NIC states that the dedicated approvals process for NSIPs “initially… worked well, but since 2012 consenting times have increased by 65 per cent, moving from 2.6 to 4.2 years.”

To help remedy the situation, the Commission is encouraging the government to:

  • Make the review of National Policy Statements every five years a legal requirement. 
  • Amend legislation to bring onshore wind back into the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project system.
  • Establish central coordination and oversight teams, reporting to the Prime Minister or Chancellor, with measurable targets for reducing consenting times for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.

Responding to the recommendations, GIIA CEO Jon Phillips said: "The National Infrastructure Commission has made another valuable contribution to UK infrastructure policy development

"If we're serious about attracting the inward investment needed to make UK emissions reduction targets a reality, more streamlined planning processes are a must."  

Read the full report on the NIC website: Delivering net zero, climate resilience and growth