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Moving the biodiversity agenda forward

GIIA worked with the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment to deliver two roundtables for members focusing on biodiversity developments.

Biodiversity considerations are increasingly coming to the fore for infrastructure investors following implementation of the Global Biodiversity Framework as part of last year's COP15 summit in Montreal. 

That's why we brought together members to share best practice and discuss latest innovations as they build biodiversity into wider environmental, social and governance strategies.    

The two sessions, which attracted more than 200 sign-ups, highlighted the importance of building an internal business case for biodiversity and considering its importance throughout the lifecycle of projects. 

Using real-world examples, participants talked through the different aspects of impact assessments, permitting applications, community relations and regulator engagement which make for successful project delivery.   

Positive discussions were had around the role of nature based solutions, delving into how sustainable project delivery can result in promotion of greater biodiversity on sites. 

Drawing parallels with the net zero challenge, participants discussed how to effectively manage the considerations that accompany a transition to full, active consideration of biodiversity promotion.  

We will be following up with a more detailed read-out of the discussion for members.