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GIIA partners with ITN Business to create ‘The Future of Infrastructure’

A news-style programme aimed at improving understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing infrastructure investors in a rapidly changing world.

  • We'll explore how infrastructure investors are adapting to a changing world by developing resilience, securing the energy transition, decarbonising transport and connecting communities through digital infrastructure. 
  • Global Infrastructure Investor Association (GIIA) members and wider stakeholders called to offer insights on the future of travel, communication, utilities, energy, tech and data.
  • The film will be developed over the coming months, set to launch in May 2023.

The film marks an opportunity for investors and wider stakeholders to highlight success stories, challenges and the latest technology, with the decarbonisation of transport, energy transition, digital investment, climate resilience and social investment forming the key themes.  

The announcement follows a summer which served as a stark reminder of climate challenges faced, and a Cop27 summit where doubt is being cast over the world’s capacity to limit global warming to under 1.5 degrees Celsius.  

Temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius for the first time in England over the summer and, for most parts of the country, it was the driest on record[1].

With the combined heating influence of all human greenhouse gases up by 49% in 2021 from 1990 levels (ice covering the Artic Ocean has shrunk significantly, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has hit a new high of 414.7 parts per million[2]) the need to make the case for closing the net zero infrastructure investment gap has never been greater. 

Anchored by an ITN Business presenter from the ITN London studios, the programme will showcase what is being done, and what still needs doing, in order to ensure global infrastructure is fit to face the challenges of the coming decades.

‘The Future of Infrastructure’ will also shine a light on the levels of resilience we as a society are prepared to accept, as well as the efforts investors are going to, in order to mitigate the impacts of climate change on our everyday lives.

Lawrence Slade, CEO, GIIA Leadership, said: “Infrastructure investors are at the forefront of efforts to make net zero a reality, connecting communities and ensuring our cities and towns are resilient in a rapidly changing world. 

“This new film is a fantastic opportunity for infrastructure leaders of all stripes to highlight what progress looks like, and the changes needed to ensure everyone everywhere has access to sustainable transport, digital and utility networks.

“Opportunities to create really high quality, studio content with longevity only come around so often, so we’re encouraging all investors and stakeholders with an interest in the infrastructure space to get involved.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Business said: “We are looking forward to our partnership with GIIA and sharing ‘The Future of Infrastructure’ with our audiences, to demonstrate the benefits of investing in resilient infrastructure not only for local communities but the investors themselves.”

‘The Future of Infrastructure’ will combine expert interviews, news items and reporter led sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations and thought leaders across the industry, premiering May 2023. The programme will be supported by an online communications campaign by ITN Business and GIIA.

For further information about the programme, or if your organisation has a story to share, please contact Programming Directors Jamie Connolly at and Jeff Blackmore at

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[1] National Drought Group projections for winter water resources. Environmental Agency (2022).

[2] Global Climate Dashboard. (2021).