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GIIA energy recommendations rolled into EU competitiveness strategy

Commission’s development of a Green Deal Industrial Plan follows publication of GIIA’s Powering the Clean Energy Transition report

GIIA has welcomed the launch of a new EU strategy aimed at promoting inward investment which encompasses principles set out in its latest energy policy paper.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen outlined plans for a Green Deal Industrial Plan at this year’s Davos conference. The EU is seeking to retain and attract new investments in key innovations and infrastructure at the heart of the clean energy transition in the face of global competition, including from the US which has been ramping up green subsidies to accelerate its own energy transition.

We’re pleased to see the EU taking forward several proposals from our Powering the Clean Energy Transition paper, including around accelerating permitting processes for sustainable projects, improving investor access to funding streams and developing stable policy and incentive frameworks. Wider recommendations from the report are grouped around four key themes, all reflected in the new EU plan:

  1. Simplifying and accelerating permit-granting procedures

  2. Establishing clear and reliable energy regulations

  3. Developing strong project pipelines complemented by streamlined funding streams

  4. Driving innovation and competitiveness through policymaking

Further details aimed at enhancing EU competitiveness are expected in the Spring, including development of a Net-Zero Industry Act and Critical Raw Materials Act.

GIIA is building on our EU stakeholder engagement following the success of the report over the coming months. For more information, contact GIIA’s EU Policy Lead Harvey Chandler.