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Decarbonising Ports & Maritime Transport Webinar

Watch the final webinar in our Decarbonising Transport series with CMS: The Voyage to Net Zero for Ports & Maritime Transport

The operation of merchant ships contributes over $420 billion in freight rates within the global economy, around 5% of global GDP. Even though waterborne trade, when compared to other modes of transporting goods is relatively less damaging to the environment, it is responsible for just under 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. If sea trade was a country, it would the 6th highest emitter of emissions in the world per year.

GIIA members are responsible for 910 million freight tonnes (close to 10% of globally trade) a significant sum vital for the operations of all citizens across the globe. Consequently, this huge impact on everyday lives unfortunately emits over 100m tonnes of CO2 and urgent action is needed to accelerate the decarbonisation of the sector.

We brought together expert voices from Arup, Hermes Infrastructure, IFM Investors and KKR to discuss practical ways forward to reduce the carbon footprint and achieve net zero goals.

Watch the webinar recording below. 

 With thanks to our speakers;

  • GIIA - Lawrence Slade
  • CMS - James Snape, Partner 
  • IFM Investors - Marcin Piasecki, Executive Director
  • KKR - Bernardo Noguiera, Principal - European Infrastructure
  • Arup - Filippo Gaddo, Head of Economics
  • Federated Hermes - Desmond Wilkins, Senior Vice President