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New Report - Unlocking Capital for Net Zero Infrastructure

GIIA, in partnership with PwC, has published a new report: ‘Unlocking Capital for Net Zero Infrastructure’. Based on interviews with infrastructure investors, the report identifies an urgent and immediate need for additional investment in order for the UK to meet its ambitious net zero targets.

Based on PwC research, it is estimated that £400bn of investment will be needed over the next ten years to achieve net zero – double the current rate.  The report concludes that private sector investment will be critical for power systems, buildings and industry, transport, and digital infrastructure but highlights the current lack of a policy framework to support the long-term low-risk capital required to hit targets.

GIIA CEO Lawrence Slade, speaking on the release of the report, said:

“Private capital stands ready to help turn the UK’s ambitious net zero agenda into reality through the delivery of environmentally and socially responsible infrastructure, but investors need additional clarity from Government around the policy and regulatory framework that will cover these investments.”

“The delivery of a clear and compelling Net Zero infrastructure roadmap is a crucial first step in unlocking the investment needed to decarbonise our economy and ensure a cleaner, greener future.”

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