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New GIIA member case studies launched

We have launched a new resource on our website, looking at GIIA member case studies from around the World that are delivering real societal benefits.

Compiled with support from KPMG, and using the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, these case studies demonstrate the way in which infrastructure can be a positive force in local communities across the globe.

View case studies here

From renewables projects in India that are supporting local health clinics, to the world’s first electric ferry in Norway to an innovative system of fish ladders in New York, these are just a few of the examples of GIIA members helping to tackle sustainability challenges.

Speaking on the launch of the case studies resource, GIIA CEO Lawrence Slade said:

“Around the World, GIIA members are rising to the challenge of creating and delivering sustainable, innovative and environmentally friendly infrastructure that is needed for future generations.”

Richard Threlfall, Global Head of Impact and Global Head of Infrastructure at KPMG, commented:

“The success or failure of nearly three-quarters of the Sustainable Development Goals depend on infrastructure. Governments and global capital markets need to take quicker actions and work in greater collaboration in a way that is environmentally sustainable, socially impactful and resilient.”

GIIA will continue to add further case studies in coming weeks.  Members interested in submitting a new case study should email