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The Value of Infrastructure | United for Infrastructure Week

The Value of Infrastructure | United for Infrastructure Week

Tuesday May 11th 9:30 (EST) | 14:30 (BST) | 15:30 (CEST)

Taking place during United for Infrastructure Week, GIIA's webinar will look at the Value of Infrastructure.

Bipartisan support for improved infrastructure is often eroded when the conversation starts with cost and how to pay for it. More political and community support for infrastructure would be forthcoming if proponents put the focus on the value that infrastructure brings to communities and economies.

This GIIA event will bring together Mayors, Governors, Think Tanks and Investors to discuss how to change the narrative around infrastructure in order to gain the widespread support necessary to make a real difference.

Questions/Issues we aim to cover include:

• Building support for infrastructure projects - where has this been done to best effect and how?

• Is there a need for more progressive public – private partnerships?

• How do we allay concerns around the role of private investors in delivering infrastructure?

• Are there specific policy changes that will make it easier for governments to recruit private capital?

Speakers for this event include:

  • Tom Osborne, Executive Director - Infrastructure, IFM Investors
  • Andy Garbutt, Head of Infrastructure - Deals Advisory, KPMG
  • Marcia Hale, Chair, Building America's Future
  • Dan Carol, Director, Milken Institute
  • David Agnew, Managing Director, Macquarie Group - Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets
  • Gregory Slater, Secretary, Maryland Department of Transportation

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