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Labour's Nationalisation Agenda

Nationalisation is on the agenda in the UK. The Labour Party says that, if it wins the next general election, it will nationalise the railways, water and energy companies, the National Grid, the Royal Mail and possibly private finance initiative companies - and that it will pay shareholders less than the current market value of their investments.
There are those within Labour who would extend this to energy supply companies, Britisih Telecom and even solar/wind project companies.
In partnership with Associate Member Clifford Chance, we will examine Labour's plans along with the legal framework and potential protections for global infrastructure investors.
The session will cover:

    • How would nationalisation work in practice? How long would it take to implement?
    • How much does Labour plan to pay? Can they nationalise for less than current market value? What legal protection would investors have?
    • Are there steps affected investors could take now to protect their position?

These issues will be discussed by our panel: GIIA's Andy Rose and three Clifford Chance partners specialising in infrastructure nationalisation issues: Jessica Gladstone, Dan Neidle and Michael Pearson.
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