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Energy Transition in Europe

In the context of the Paris Climate Agreement and the EU Commission targets to reduce CO2 emissions across European member states, Aquila Capital and GIIA are co-hosting a lunch event to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the transition to a new energy model in Europe. During this dialogue, we will also discuss:

- The need for the grid to adapt to a more variable generation profile and how energy storage technologies can solve the intermittency challenge

- The government support system to facilitate the integration of renewables in the energy buildout

- The decreased dependency on subsidy schemes and the growing market for PPAs

Speakers for this event will include:

  • Tom Howes, Deputy Head of Economic Analysis and Financial Instruments, DG Energy, European Commission
  • Dr Tor Syverud, Head of HydroPower Investments, Aquila Capital
  • Dario Traum, Head of Policy for Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • GIIA members

Space for this event is limited, so please RSVP at your earliest convenience using the link below.