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Macquarie Goethals Bridge Replacement Project

Goethals bridge is a critical access point for commuters and freight which connects Staten Island, New York to Elizabeth, New Jersey. However, prior to renovations the bridge was 85 years old and functionally obsolete.

The investment in numbers

  • $1 Billion Provided from private investment to finance rebuild
  • 2,250 Direct jobs created from the replacement bridge
  • $872 Million Generated in economic activity for the region

The lanes on the bridge were built to a 10-foot standard (vs 12 foot today) and only 2 lanes in each direction, the replacement bridge has six 12-foot lanes, pedestrian and cycle paths, outer and inner shoulder, and accommodation for public transport. The replacement project factors in modern technologies such as seismic protections, smart bridge technology and new structural standards. The Goethals Bridge replacement project is a good demonstration of how the DBFM model can be used to help state bodies meet public demands without giving up the control of their infrastructure assets. The port authority had exhausted its public borrowing and was able to secure, with the help of a private partner, an additional $1bn in financing as well as replacing an ageing piece of critical infrastructure. The new project has been designed with the environment and community in mind. Additional thought has been given to the provision of bicycle and pedestrian lanes, capacity for public transport and minimal intrusion/impact on the environment during construction and further operation of the bridge. The private partners made sure that they had backing and investment from the Building Trades workers unions in the region. The bridge created around 2,250 direct jobs and generated $872m in economic activity for the region.