Case Studies

‘ESG’ is no longer just a buzz word. Instead, environmental, social and governance considerations are now core considerations of the investment decision making process.

With support from KPMG UK, we have collected case studies from across our members’ portfolios which demonstrate the positive environmental and societal impact of private investment in infrastructure. The interactive map below showcases a selection of cases which have helped to combat global issues such as climate change and social inequality whilst simultaneously delivering stable financial returns for pension funds, life insurers, sovereign wealth funds and other funds acting on behalf of private investors.

Click on the icons to learn more about these case studies and how they are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And watch GIIA’s latest video below for more information on GIIA and the role of infrastructure.










“Around the World, GIIA members are rising to the challenge of creating and delivering sustainable, innovative and environmentally friendly infrastructure that is needed for future generations."

Lawrence Slade, CEO, GIIA

"The success or failure of nearly 3/4 of the SDG depend on infrastructure. Governments and global capital markets need to take quicker actions and work in greater collaboration in a way that it is Environmentally sustainable, socially impactful, and resilient."

Richard Threlfall, Global Head of KPMG Impact, Global Head of Infrastructure