GIIA / Ipsos Mori Global Infrastructure Index 2019

GIIA, in partnership with Ipsos MORI, has today released the results of the 2019 Global Infrastructure Index (GII),  the largest survey of its kind, looking at public attitudes towards infrastructure around the World.

Key findings from the survey:

  • 76% of citizens see investment in infrastructure as vital to economic growth, but 60% don’t believe their country is doing enough
  • Europe scored the lowest satisfaction rating for all regions with 29%, behind Asia Pacific (47%), Middle East and Africa (44%), North America (38%) and Latin America (31%)
  • In a list of 14 infrastructure sectors, airports had the highest level of satisfaction at 67% followed by digital infrastructure (55%) and water supply and sewerage (also 55%) while electric vehicle charging was last with 24%
  • When asked about future priorities for infrastructure, investment in solar energy topped the list with 42%
  • 64% of people across the globe were comfortable with private investment in infrastructure if it means the country gets what they need, while those supportive of foreign investment outnumbered those opposed by 3:1 if it leads to better quality infrastructure
  • 59% of people would prefer technical experts to make decision on new infrastructure compared to only 21% who believe politicians should mostly make these decisions

Speaking on the release of the results GIIA CEO Andy Rose said:

“This research reinforces the view that the debate over ownership of our infrastructure distracts from what really matters to the public, which is getting the environmentally friendly, quality and resilient infrastructure that countries needs.”

“Satisfaction with current infrastructure tends to be higher where the private sector plays a prominent role, notably airports and water, and it is encouraging that the majority are comfortable with private investment in infrastructure.”

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3rd Annual Airport Investment Symposium

GIIA, in partnership with Airports Council International (Europe) yesterday hosted the 3rd Annual Airport Investment Symposium in Brussels. The event brought together airport operators, investors, financial advisors and airlines with representatives from the European Commission and European Investment Bank along with Member States.

With an expected airport investment gap in Europe of €12.3bn over the next five years, combined with figures showing Europe already accounting for more than 50% of the World’s congested airports, it is crucial for Governments and regulators to work with the private sector to unlock new sources of investment.

GIIA Director of Corporate Affairs Jon Phillips said:

“Airports play a critical role across Europe in helping to deliver sustainable economic growth. Investors stand ready to deliver the funding to meet customer, capacity and environmental improvement projects that will enable the aviation sector to meet future challenges – including achieving Net Zero carbon emissions. But policy makers and regulators need to ensure the right framework is in place to facilitate this essential investment.” 

Airports Council International Director-General Olivier Jankovec addressed the Symposium stating that the current investment gap threatened the sector’s ability to meet decarbonisation plans and said that the focus of regulators needed to be carefully considered.

“Today’s priorities should be about sustainability, capacity and consumer interest. It is high time regulators start focusing on these, rather than airlines interests,” said Jankovec.