New Publication – ‘Closing The Gap’

GIIA’s new publication ‘Closing the Gap’ is designed to encourage improved dialogue between the public and private sector around the world on how to address the global infrastructure gap.

Closing the Gap – How private capital can help deliver our future infrastructure needs explores the scale of the infrastructure gap, why it matters, and the societal benefits that can be delivered via the use of private capital.

Examining global best practice ‘Closing the Gap’ provides an approach that can be followed by governments to deliver the high quality, innovative, sustainable infrastructure that will be required by future generations.

GIIA’s Corporate Affairs Director, Jon Phillips, said:

“Experts agree that the size of the global infrastructure gap is huge and still growing, which has real implications for local and national economies.”

 “GIIA seeks to work with governments and stakeholders to help create the right environment to unlock more private capital and increase infrastructure investment around the world to create the jobs, productivity and growth we all want to see.”

 “Our new publication ‘Closing the Gap’ looks at how the private sector, working with public bodies, can deliver increased investment to meet the infrastructure needs of future generations.”