GIIA gives evidence to UK Treasury Committee Inquiry

GIIA’s CEO Andy Rose was called as an expert witness to give evidence to the Treasury Select Committee Inquiry into the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2016.

The hearing, held on Tuesday 13th December, was one of a series of sessions to scrutinise the content of the Chancellor’s plans and looked at the prioritisation, deliverability and financing issues associated with the UK Government’s future intentions around investment in national infrastructure.

Andy emphasised the value of long term private investment and called for greater clarity from Government on its future pipeline.

FT infra summit focuses on global politics and the role of private investors

GIIA’s CEO Andy Rose joined a number of leading infrastructure experts speaking at the Financial Times European Infrastructure Summit on November 30th.

Andy’s session followed an on stage interview with Lord Michael Heseltine, former Deputy Prime Minister, who spoke about the Brexit process and the uncertainties that surround this.

President-elect Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan and the ever changing political scene in Europe were themes under discussion at the conference. Andy, along with many of the speakers, emphasised the continued importance of infrastructure investment and the critical role of the private sector in enabling Governments in Europe to deliver high quality infrastructure for the societies they serve.